Advances Orthodontic Treatment Options For All Ages 

Dr. Backus is proud to offer child, teen and adult patients with the latest braces technology. We also welcome patients with special needs to our office. Whether you have a crossbite, crowded teeth or another malocclusion (bad bite), Dr. Backus and her team will provide you with a thorough orthodontic evaluation and determine the best treatment plan for you. You will be smiling bigger and brighter in no time! Our office is conveniently located in Birmingham, Alabama and we proudly provide services to patients in the surrounding areas including Sylacauga. Please read through the information below to learn about the types of braces that we offer.

Damon Braces

Dr. Backus, a Certified Damon System® Provider, is using these revolutionary new braces to create beautiful smiles faster, with fewer appointments, fewer extractions of permanent teeth, and greater comfort for our patients. Damon Braces by Ormco Corporation are a unique set of brackets, as they are a self-ligating system that use a specially designed door to hold the archwire in place. One of the most significant differences between Damon braces and conventional braces is that there is no need for elastic ties to hold the wire tightly against the teeth. This causes friction and pressure, making treatment slower and less comfortable. Damon braces use a slide mechanism to hold the wire, which allows teeth to move freely, quickly, and comfortably.

Insignia Advanced Smile Design Braces

Dr. Backus is a certified Insignia orthodontist and can use this advanced technology to personalize treatment for each individual patient. Insignia imaging software creates a 3-D representation of the patient’s bite, and braces and wires are custom-fabricated for their specific dental anatomy. Because treatment is 100% personalized, patients often see a reduction in the amount of time they would ordinarily wear braces.

Clarity Advanced Braces

Clarity Advanced braces feature a comfortable design with a clear appearance, making them less noticeable! These clear brackets are made of hard ceramic material, and won’t stain or discolor throughout the duration of your treatment. Clarity Advanced clear braces provide the same level of performance as metal braces, but offer a more aesthetic appeal, so it’s no wonder that these braces are becoming increasing popular, especially with our adult and teen patients.

Incognito Braces

Metal mouth. Tin Grin. We’ve all heard these dreaded terms for orthodontic braces, however Dr. Backus has a solution for patients that wish to discretely straighten their smile. Incognito braces attach to the lingual, or tongue, side of your teeth – so no one but you will know they are there! These hidden braces are custom-fit to your teeth and specific treatment plan, and each bracket is manufactured for each individual patient. Many of our adult patients choose Incognito braces who may worry about the aesthetics of conventional braces.


Dr. Backus is also an Invisalign® provider for those who want to improve their smiles with nearly invisible clear aligners that have minimal interruption in daily routine.

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