Hygiene Rewards

Dr. Backus and The Backus Smiles Team reward our patients and their dental hygienists for superior dental care. It is critical for oral health to keep your routine 6-month dental check-ups during orthodontic treatment. Simply ask your dental hygienist to fill out your Hygiene Rewards card at your cleaning appointment. Return the card to us, and you AND your dental hygienist will be entered to win fabulous prizes! Drawings are held once a quarter, so keep those pearly whites clean!

Backus Bucks

Patient cooperation and compliance throughout orthodontic treatment ensures successful results. To help encourage patient cooperation, we have created an exciting incentive program. Throughout treatment each patient can earn BackusBucks that they can use to purchase great prizes!

BackusBucks for Prizes!

This is a fantastic way to earn rewards for being a GREAT patient!

Save your Backus Bucks & cash them in for the prize(s) you want! This is a fantastic way to earn rewards for being a GREAT patient! Remember: Come back & brush before your appointment! **Bucks are earned at REGULARLY SCHEDULED visits only**


Dr. Backus and The Backus Smiles Team believe that the referral of a family member or friend is the biggest compliment we can receive! We are always accepting new patients. The Share-A-Smile program is our way of thanking our patients for referring new patients to our practice. Earn one smile credit for each new patient you send our way. In January of each year, we announce our annual winner and award them with an Educational Fund donation. It pays to share your smile!